Friday, January 20, 2017

Top 20 Cutest Crochet Projects Help to Personalize Your Home

Are you a fan of being warm and cozy? Are you a fan of crocheting? If yes, then you will like our new collection of crocheting projects. Crocheting is not only found in gloves, sweaters and scarves… it can actually used in many purposes. Crocheting is a great way to spend the winter months and it’s even more fun if you are making something for your home decor. That is the reason we made this colleciton. You can make some amazing crochet tulips to decorate your holiday dining table or kitchen; they will make your room look colorful and warm. Or you can whip up an adorable animal rug and use it as a chair or as a footstool; It is cute and promises to keep you warm on these cold nights. We just give you two examples, as you can find many other projects(some of them have free patterns) on the below. Take a look and start your happy crocheting!

1. Perfect idea to tie back your curtains in style.

2. Graffiti knitting projects are also suitable for your home’s outdoor.

3. Your dining table sure to need these color block placemats.


4. There is no better dining table decorations than these beautiful crochet tulips.


5. Dress up mason jar candles with these cute crochet covers.




Or adorn some Christmas balls:

6. A flower crochet valance will enhance the look of your kitchen window.


7. During the cold months, you would love to have a cute animal rug like this.


Or a beautiful flower one:


8. Give your home a personalized look with these cute DIY lampshades.


9. Make some crochet flowers with cute buttons or pull tabs.



10. Store your little items in these square crochet baskets.


11. Making these pretty flowers into wall art.


12. Still looking for Christmas decorations? Why not try this crochet holiday lights garland?


Or these lovely garlands:


13. These little socks for chairs will not only protect your floors and also add a little color to your space.


14. So cute crocheted donut pillows.


15. Next Halloween, you should try this crocheted spider web.


16. A cute blanket with a peacock feather motif to keep you warm on those winter nights.


17. Make adorable home decorations or gifts like these little cactus characters.

18. Not only for Christmas tree ornaments, they can be used in any decorating plan.


19. Christmas table would look gorgeous with these santa pants cutlery holder.


20. This hearts and flowers mobile would be a focal point of a baby nursery.



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